Ultimate Hawaii Snorkel Guide

Hawaii is one of the world’s top tropical paradise destinations. To date, millions of guests have come to the island state to experience their dream vacation. Usually consisting of blue skies, salty breeze from the ocean, and lush green mountains. One of the most popular activities in the whole of Hawaii is snorkeling. What’s not…

Avoid Struggling With Packing For Your Hawaiian Trip

A lot of people are struggling with packing. All that folding (or rolling) and space skimping can be a total nightmare. While everybody loves to travel, most dread the task of  preparing a bag, skimping all the clothes and shoes. If you are counting the days until you finally set foot on the Hawaiian Islands….

Ultimate Pearl Harbor Guide (Infographic)

If you’re travelling to Oahu, Hawaii, you cannot forget to visit one of the most historic places, not only in the island region, but in the whole of the United States of America: Pearl Harbor. Yearly, over 1.8 million travelers visit Pearl Harbor with travelers coming from all over the world. Visitors can either choose…