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If North Shore is next on your Oahu list then After that,a stopover at Haleiwa is a must. Small surf town has a plantation architectural style has a unique charm is an ideal place to chill and relax.

 Haleiwa Highlights

Rainbow Bridge

Inh Bridge known as Rainbow Bridge marks the northern entrance of old haleiwa and become the recognized symbols in Haleiwa.


Matsumoto’s Shave Ice

Cool off and get yourself a sweet treat at the famous Matsumoto’s Shave Ice Stop. This joint has been serving locals and visitors of the North Shore since 1951.

Lokoea Fish Pond

Hawaiian created a 400 year old fish pond before Haleiwa known as a town.To preserve and restore the historic landmark as well as the North Shore’s History and culture they conduct an educational programs and Fundraising events.

Turtle Beach

As the name suggests, its main attraction are the green sea turtles that are often seen spending time on the sandy shore, basking in the sun. They won’t mind you snapping cute pictures of them, but keep in mind that they are protected and endangered species, so be careful not to bother them.


Didn’t we mention Haleiwa was a surf town? North Shore has been the surfing mecca of Oahu, and has hosted several surf competitions for years because of its pounding waves reaching heights of up to 20 feet during the high winds of the winter seasons. And Haleiwa has access to most of the famous beaches of the North Shore – Waimea Bay, Banzai Pipeline, Sunset Beach, to name a few of the famous surfing spots.