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Best parking in Waikiki

Having trouble getting the skinny on parking in Waikiki? Here’s some tips on where you can get free or cheap parking spaces in Waikiki Hawaii Tours.

Ala Moana Beach Park

Always remember to read the signs carefully. There’s a free all-day parking alongside the park on Ala Moana Boulevard, and probably overnight as well. But some places doesn’t allow overnight parking, so looking out for the signs would save you the hassle.

On weekends, make sure to go early as it gets very busy and crowded. You can head to the mall for covered parking during the day. Also, additional free parking is available after 12 noon at the Ala Moana Building on weekends. Then you can park overnight along the park which will then be unused.

Hilton Hawaiian Village


There’s free parking along the side of the lagoon of Hilton Hawaiian Village which has a 6-hour maximum stay and available from 4:30 in the morning up to 10:30 at night. And since its free parking, it tends to get crowded. Just across are metered lots that are open 24 hours for a dollar an hour. So if you’re staying around or near this area, you can try to park at the free lot during the day and move to the metered lots for overnight parking afterwards.

Ala Wai Canal

You may also find free parking lots along the Ala Wai Canal if you get there early. On the opposite side of the canal from the convention center are more free spaces for parking. Though these free parking easily fill up, fingers crossed you’ll get a chance to snap one.

Waikiki Shell and Waikiki Zoo

You’ll find free parking on Montserrat Avenue which is almost available any time. Just note that the start and end of the free parking area are marked by No Parking signs before and after, and watch out for signs of occasional closures due to special events on the park. There are also available free parking along Paki Avenue, and a limited number of free lots on Kalakaua Avenue. The nearby zoo parking lot charges a dollar per hour with a maximum of 4-hour stay at any one time.


Kaioo Drive and Wai Nani Street

You’ll likely to find free parking spaces available on these streets which are at the opposite ends of Waikiki.